Light of My Life HD Release (2019)

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Story line of Light Of My Life

Light of my life – Parent and child journey through the outskirts of society a decade after a pandemic has wiped out half the world’s population. As a father struggles to shield his kid, their bond, and therefore the character of humanity, is tested.

IMDB Rating: 7.2/10
Directed: Casey Affleck
Released Date: 9 August 2019
Types: Drama
Film Stars: Elisabeth Moss, Casey Affleck, Anna Pniowsky
Movie Quality: 720p Web-DL
File Size: 941MB

This movie (Light of my life) made me feel glad to be alive. If you’re expecting a fast paced zombie vibe/post apocalyptic action movie, you are setting yourself up for not enjoying this film. This film is at its core, a mashup: a tense survivalist tale, and an exploration/celebration of love one has for their family, and how tenacious it can be.

That being said, it’s slow but the action sequences are extremely tense yet satisfying. The violence is “History of Violence”-style violence. The overlying feeling of dread is palpable. But what’s important-what shines brightest-is the authentic and memorable dialog and austere performances of both leads. Affleck doles out a incredible Spencer Tracy style, natural performance.

You never once catch him acting. We see his male lead character’s calm, stoic reserve literally deteriorate before our eyes in the last hour. I’ve never seen an anxiety attack so accurately depicted on screen, and this one lasts for an hour. You are right there with him. It’s delightfully suspenseful. But the main theme is how beautiful and heartwarming their father daughter relationship is.

2nd part of Light of my life

The female lead is so complex, even when delivering (accurately plausible) childish/silly lines. Outstanding dialog and epic, rich visuals really make this a must see. Just know that the focus is the main characters and their relationship. Lots of heartfelt, touching scenes composed entirely of the two of them talking. You’re immersed in their isolated, overcautious world. There are “Taken” undertones throughout, which really explode at the end of the film.

I laughed out loud, screamed at the screen, grabbed a weapon to cradle, cried a little. Get ready for a roller coaster ride. A must watch (if you have patience).

Why 5 stars for “Light of my life”?

This movie had a great trailer and interesting story line, but don’t be fooled! It had to be one of the worst movies I can think of! I almost turned it off the first 15 mins as it was a horrible, BORING story being told that just rambled on way, way, way too long. Download light of my life free.

You don’t have a clue what people’s motives are or what the hell anyone is trying to do. The ending just leaves you in laughter as you realize you just got scammed into paying to see a movie that affleck should be ashamed for taking money for.

It’s was just plain stupid and a really big letdown. I recommend sticking to the trailer. Better yet just avoid it all together.

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